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Eu sei qe era pra ter postado ontem, mas esqeci qe era 5ª :P

Ai vaai:

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Nossa Ellie já foi escolhida \o/
A atris Britt Robertson, que trabalha na série Life Unexpected (passa no canal LIV), foi escolhida para interpretar a personagem principal de Avalon High. E sim, a personagem é morena, ela é loira. Tia Meg sabe disso.

Fonte: Tia Meg
Q: Is it true that blond girl from Life Unexpected is going to star in the Disney Channel movie of Avalon High?

A: Yes, it’s true! You can read about it here.

A few readers have pointed out that Britt is blonde, and that Ellie (in the book) is brunette.

Some of you may remember almost ten years ago the ruckus that was stirred when it was announced that a brunette would be playing the part of Mia (a character who is a blonde in the book version of The Princess Diaries).

Back then I was like, “You know what you guys? It’s not going to be EXACTLY like the book because it’s a movie and no movie can ever be EXACTLY like the book because they have to smush 300 pages of text into 90 pages (that’s one minute of screen time per page). Also, it’s someone else’s imagining of the story, not yours or mine. Let’s see how she can act. Give it a chance!”

And you did! And look how well that turned out (even if I’m still waiting for that Princess Diaries DVD and merchandising money. Oh, well).

So, thanks for looking out for me (and my characters). You guys completely rock my world.

But I think we should remember the message of Avalon High (and Runaway, and Princess Diaries, and uh, all my books, I guess), after all:

Never judge people by their looks. It’s who we are on the inside that matters!

Para os demais interessados:
While Disney is hard at work concocting the next big teen musical, they also are covering the rest of their bases. Variety reports that the Mouse House has signed on "Life Unexpected" star Britt Robertson to take the lead in the TV adaptation of Meg Cabot's "Avalon High."

For those of you who remember that far back, Meg Cabot also penned another little book called "The Princess Diaries," which Disney adapted and boosted Anne Hathaway to international fame. While that was made for the big screen and this for television, there still is a good chance of this Disney Channel film being Britt's big break.

The story follows a teenager named Ellie who transfers to a new high school called Avalon High. She soon discovers that her classmates are reincarnations of King Arthur and his court, for better or for worse, and that she also has a role to play in the unfolding story. The film will also starSelena Gomez's "Wizards of Waverly Place" costar Gregg Sulkin as well as Joey Pollari, Devon Graye and Molly Quinn.

The script was written by Julie Sherman Wolfe and will be directed by "90210" and "One Tree Hill" director Stuart Gillard. "Avalon High" is starting production in New Zealand right now and is expected to hit the Disney Channel in the fall.

Are you excited to see Britt in a TV movie? Are you a big fan of Meg Cabot's book?


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  1. Duas coisas qe esqeci de mensionar:
    1º - AMO Life Unexpected
    2º - Tia Meg vê Glee !!

  2. Queria que a Elle fosse morena, igual ao livro. :/

  3. Vai entender os produtores de filmes e seriados, normalmente a personagem loira vira morena como em o Diário da Princesa, Diários do Vampiro, O Diabo Veste Prada e a Annabeth da série Percy Jackson, então uma idéia, como na série Crepúsculo a atriz Nikki Reed que ficou loira para o papel, que tal a Britt Robertson ficar morena, seria muito melhor!